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What is the significance of a having a place to visit?

Since the start of recorded history, societies have honored those who have died. The Great Pyramids and the Taj Mahal are examples of lasting tributes. Today, many experts agree that the benefits of memorialization are for those who remain behind. Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is important to help survivors adjust and recognize that a death has occurred. Having a permanent place of remembrance is a comfort to those left behind, and it allows your legacy to continue on for generations to come.

What needs to be done when a death occurs in one city and the interment will be held in another city?

A death that occurs away from your loved one’s hometown may be an unusual experience for you and your family. However, funeral arrangers are trained professionals capable of handling the necessary details necessary when this happens. The local funeral arranger can assist you in selecting a funeral home in the city where the services are to be held and will help coordinate the transportation of your loved one to the care of a funeral arranger in that city.

What is perpetual care?

Perpetual care means that you and your loved ones will never have to worry about the conditions of the cemetery. We are proud to offer your family the promise that the place of remembrance you choose will remain beautiful for generations to come. The preservation of the cemetery is paid for through a perpetual-care trust, funded by a portion of the purchase price of burial rights sold, to ensure that the grounds and facilities are properly maintained.

How do I buy cemetery property?

Our caring staff will be happy to assist you through the process of purchasing rights of interment at our cemetery. Visit the Contact Us page or call the cemetery office today to get started.

Can I make my burial arrangements before I die?

Yes, preplanning is one of the most caring things you can do for your loved ones. It provides them with a clearer picture of your final wishes and offers them reassurance about how you would really prefer to be remembered. These plans may be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. You can comfortably prefund your arrangements to help alleviate placing future financial burdens on your family. The preplanning process allows you to plan at your own pace, equipped with facts and ample information, so that you feel comfortable about the choices you make. Making arrangements in advance also allows you to prefund at today's prices, if you choose to do so. We can assist you with your prearrangement needs. You can also visit our preplanning section for more information.

What happens if I buy burial property in advance and later move to another area?

Should you move before the time of need and have already prefunded your burial rights, you may have the option to transfer ownership. Our cemetery is part of a nationwide network, through which the national transferability of prepaid burial rights may be granted. When prearranging, ask us about options for transferring ownership, or contact us today for more information.


What is aboveground entombment?

Aboveground entombment is a form of memorialization in which remains are interred above ground in family tombs, private family mausoleums, garden or community mausoleums and columbaria, for example. Contact us today for more information on opportunities for aboveground emtombment at our cemtery.

What are my choices for in-ground burial?

In-ground burial, often referred to as “traditional” burial, allows you to personalize your memorialization by offering a variety of choices such as individual, companion or family locations within beautifully manicured gardens and special areas. Depending on what type of in-ground burial you choose, an outer burial container may be necessary.

Please visit the Burial Memorialization section or contact us today for more information about in-ground burial options at our cemetery.

What is a professional service fee?

The professional service fee includes the cost of all services. This includes administrative, documentation, set-up adn maintenance performed before and after interment and the physical opening and closing of a grave or crypt for burial or entombment.

Are there different types of markers?

Yes. The most common markers are granite monuments, memorial benches and bronze memorials. All are customizable, and most have individual or companion options. Please see the Markers & Special Remembrances section or contact us today to learn more about the memorial options available at our cemetery.



What is involved in the cremation process?

Before cremation can take place, the attending physician or medical examiner must complete and sign the death certificate. In addition, all civil and medical authorities must issue required permits. The next of kin or other authorized person must provide the consent to cremate. Your funeral provider can assist you through this entire process. From here, the decedent is placed in a cremation chamber and reduced to his or her natural elements at an extremely high temperature, quickly and without chemicals. After the cremation, we place the cremated remains in the urn your family selected during the arrangement conference. We then carry out your wishes for personal and lasting remembrance, such as memorialization in a columbarium or cremation garden.

What happens to the cremated remains (ashes)?

During the arrangement conference your family will be asked to select an urn to permanently hold your loved one’s cremated remains. Urns can be crafted from bronze, ceramic, glass, porcelain, wood or other materials. They are made in traditional vase or cube shapes, or they can be unique designs. A variety of urns are available to reflect your loved one’s hobbies, beliefs or lifestyle.

There are many options from which to choose when selecting a final resting place for your loved one’s urn because cremation memorialization can take any number of forms. Our cemeteries have created areas specifically for lasting remembrance. Typically, cremated remains are permanently memorialized in a columbarium, ground-burial area or specially designed cremation garden. Some families also choose to place portions in miniature keepsake urns or pieces of jewelry and scatter another small portion at a special place. (Please note that it is necessary to check local restrictions on scattering cremated remains both on public and private property.)

Can we have a funeral if we choose cremation?

Yes, and having a funeral or gathering is often recommended by grief counselors and families who have experienced a loss. Cremation (like burial) is a separate event from a funeral or memorial service. Selecting cremation does not diminish the important need for some type of gathering that will honor and celebrate the life of your loved one. Your friends and family can come together either before or after the cremation has taken place. Your family may choose to have a visitation prior to cremation or a service with or without your loved one’s cremated remains (ashes) present.

Why is it important to select a final resting place for your loved one's cremated remains?

Where will your loved one’s—or your own—cremated remains end up 5, 10 or even 50 years from now? it is important to establish a permanent place to memorialize your loved one. It will provide your family and friends with a focal point on special days, like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, to assist them in remembering the life that was lived.

What is a cremation garden?

A cremation garden provides a final resting place for your loved one’s cremated remains. It is a designated area of the cemetery that may vary from a simple urn garden to a more elaborate area featuring elegant landscapes, graceful water designs and stunning granite monuments. The space can provide a beautiful and comforting experience for the spirit and the senses. Refreshing plants, trees and other natural botanical details may complement the garden. An array of options including family estates, personalized granite pedestals, niche walls, unique benches, garden columbaria and water features may be available.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a structure designed specifically to hold cremated remains, and it is commonly constructed of granite. Often found in mausoleums, chapels or cremation gardens, a columbarium is made up of many small compartments called “niches” that hold urns.

Can I prearrange my own cremation with remembrance and memorialization?

Yes, making plans in advance of the time of need ensures that your wishes and preference for cremation will be known. Planning in advance allows you to learn about all of the available choices and select at your own pace the options that will best fit your and your family’s needs. This can be one of the greatest gifts you give the people you love. Your family will not have the burden of guessing what you would have wanted or how much to spend.


Why should I preplan?

We plan for vacations, weddings and retirement. Preplanning funeral and cemetery arrangements is no different.

Making funeral arrangements ahead of time helps to take the doubt and confusion away from all of those who will be tasked to make difficult decisions on your behalf. It also allows you to make sure that your final wishes are known; and when you take time to plan calmly and with ample information in hand, you can help to alleviate emotional overspending.

In many ways, preplanning is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones because it offers them peace of mind. They will know exactly what your final wishes were and will feel relieved that they don’t have to guess what you would have wanted.

Can I pay for my arrangements now, or does it have to be done after the funeral takes place?

You have the option to pay the costs ahead of time. You can prepay your arrangements to help avoid the possibility of inflation while making informed choices that fit within your budget. You also have the added assurance that there will be less confusion over financial responsibility during your family’s time of need.

Are there any financial benefits to prefunding my arrangements?

  • Estate tax reduction: Advance planning may reduce your heirs’ future estate tax burden.
  • Medicaid/SSI spend-down exemption: Prepaid funeral and cemetery costs are often exempt from the spend-down process to qualify for Medicaid or state assistance.
  • Cost-saving plans: Prefund your arrangements now at today’s prices.
  • Help towards eliminating future costs: Preplanning may remove the threat of unexpected financial costs for your family when they are the least prepared.
  • Secure cemetery property: Prefunding ensures that you get exactly the cemetery property you want because it is a deeded purchase.

Do you offer any tools to help me preplan my arrangements?

Yes. We proudly offer Simplicity Plan®, a comprehensive preplanning program to assist you in taking care of your final plans before the time of need. Our specially designed planning guide allows you to record your thoughts and final wishes, personal and financial information and other helpful facts your family may need when you are gone. If you wish to begin planning online, is an excellent end-of-life planning portal that allows you to document, organize and store your important information. This website and our family service counselors can assist members with end-of-life issues, offer valuable financial and health information, and provide the tools and guidance needed for you to make the best choices for you and your family today.

Is Simplicity Plan a will?

Simplicity Plan is not a will and is not legally binding. However, it is an invaluable tool that enables your loved ones to know your wishes and where to locate important documents.

How will my family know where to find my plan?

When you join Simplicity Plan through, it is important that you designate a trusted family member or friend to have access to your plan in the event that you become ill or pass away. If it’s difficult to share your wishes with those you love, just make sure you provide instructions about how to access your information. If you’ve chosen to prefund your arrangements, we will have all of your personal instructions and wishes on-hand at our facility to share with your family at the time of need.

What if I move after I preplan or prefund my arrangements?

The Simplicity Plan has a nationwide network of firms. Your prearranged services can be easily transferred to one of these providers should you move or wish to relocate your funeral or cemetery services to another area.


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